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"I don't know how any Friends group can be totally effective and successful without the support and cooperation of the staff and director." — Marcia Barker

The Friends of the Canton Public Library in Michigan do a number of things for the library Staff to promote their relationship, including staff appreciation week (a special event every day). Marcia Barker Friends/Volunteer Coordinator shares some of their ideas that may work for a special week in Febraury.

We have a special program going on now. Our library is undergoing a large expansion project with several inconveniences to staff during the construction phase (i.e. parking in the public lot, desks moving to temporary locations, dust, noise, etc.). The Friends are, therefore, sponsoring a Moral Committee. Our activities include the following:

Monday Moanin' Drawings - the first Monday of each month, we draw a name or two for some very nice prizes, generally in the $25. range.

Guppy Awards - given monthly for showing "Grace Under Pressure." Nominated by a fellow staff member and chosen by a committee. Again, a very nice and a "Guppy" certificate signed by the director.

Mailbox Mementos - given the third Wednesday of each month in every staff member's mailbox (staff - 110). Includes such items as tote bags with our Guppy logo and a note saying pack up your personal items, we're moving our desks temporarily, or a carmel apple celebrating the Fall, or a Payday Candy Bar given on payroll day saying enjoy your PayDay Pay Day, or Christmas coffee mugs for everyone. In Jan. we are doing back scratchers for everyone and chairside massages for the 10 drawn names.

DressDown Days - every Friday is dress down during construction.

Let's Party - Friday night dutch-treat dinners at a local restaurant - staff signs up so we can make arrangements as needed. This has been a really fun project and has brought everyone closer together, not to mention raised our morale during this crazy construction period.

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