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Library Lovers Month
Sample Proclamation For February

WHEREAS, libraries enable individuals to make informed decisions about their self-governance by promoting unrestricted access to information and by serving as community centers for lifelong learning;

WHEREAS, in a world undergoing constant change, libraries provide enduring connections to the past and future of our communities, nations and civilizations;

WHEREAS, the expansion of electronic networks linking libraries and their resources makes possible better and more easily accessible information for library users around the world;

WHEREAS, libraries provide entry to important research about health, economics, housing, the environment and countless other areas to support better living conditions and to help people lead longer, more productive and fulfilling lives;

WHEREAS, libraries support a competitive workforce with basic literacy programs, computers and other resources to help children and adults learn to find, evaluate and use information they need for their jobs, health, education and other needs;

WHEREAS, many libraries offer pre-school storyhour and summer reading programs to encourage children to begin a habit of reading that will serve to benefit their personal and professional lives; and

WHEREAS, 16.5 million people in the State of California and (fill-in number) residents in the County (or City) of (fill-in name) have library cards

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT (fill-in name and title of official) proclaims February 2000 as Library Lovers Month in (county/city) and urges everyone to visit libraries and thank a librarian for making this unique and wonderful institution possible.

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