Fingerplays have traditionally played an important role in education: they help teach rhythm, muscle control, and language. They can also teach good character, provide information about certain subjects, and even be useful as subtle disciplinary diversions.

This truly is "talking with your hands," for the story is illustrated by hand positions and movements.

The most basic form of fingerplay is the familiar counting-off of fingers (or toes!); others engage the hands more fully, and some even involve the whole body.

condensed from material in Children's Counting-Out Rhymes, Fingerplays, Jump-Rope and Bounce-Ball Chants and Other Rhythms (McFarland Pub.) by Gloria T. Delamar

Fingerplays For The Fall Holidays: Fall, Halloween & Thanksgiving.

Jack Frost and Winter are just around the corner. Check back soon – more to come!

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