Internet communication solutions for libraries & library supporters.

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Subscriptions to

Subscriptions are available for $19.95 per month (or $199.00 per year) and includes e-mail and Web site hosting. (There is an additional one-time charge to set up e-mail and/or Web hosting accounts.)

  • Your own Web site with a URL of or if you have your own domain hosted at,
  • 5 mb of Web site space with FTP access to your Web site.
  • Web-browser based e-mail in addition to POP e-mail for each e-mail address.
  • Web-browser based personal and group calendar and appointment utilities for each e-mail address.
  • Up to five mailboxes on the domain (example: [email protected]) or on your own domain if your domain is hosted at (example: [email protected]).
  • Assistance in obtaining or moving your domain and in setting up and maintaining your Web site.

Benefits of mail and Web hosting with

  • Multiple backbone connections.
  • Daily backups of Web site files.
  • Full access to all Website files and the ability to create, modify or remove any Web site element.
  • 24/7 Network monitoring
  • Guaranteed 99% uptime.
  • Technical support.
  • If your e-mail and Web site is hosted at you will not need to acquire, update, maintain and manage a server nor will your Web site traffic consume bandwidth on your library's Internet connection.

Domain name hosting is available.

If you have your own domain, we can host that domain including Web site, FTP, and e-mail at no additional monthly charge.

If you don't have your own domain and would like to register one you are free to do so with the registrar of your choice or we can register your domain on your behalf. (You will own the domain and pay only the normal registration fees.)




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