Frequently Asked Questions

stack of booksDo I have to be in library school to apply?
No, but you should be in the process of applying for library school to apply for an LDC grant. You will need to provide proof of application to library school when you apply and provide proof of acceptance by time of final candidate selection.
Is this program only for minorities?
No. We define diverse communities as those which are currently underserved including ethnic minorities, isolated rural communities, youth, the old, and the disabled. Applicants need not represent these groups, but should have experience or desire to work with these groups as librarians.
Do I have to go to San José State's library program?
While many Serra system employees attend San José State's program, you may attend any ALA accredited library program. (For more information on ALA accredited programs see www.ala.org/ala/educationcareers/education/accreditedprograms/directory/index.cfm)
Do I have to work for a Serra Library to be eligible for this grant?
No, but certain conditions apply. While the grant is intended for those currently working full or part time at a Serra affiliated library, Americare volunteers, those laid off from a Serra Library in the last 48 months, or those who had to quit due to dwindling hours in the last 48 months are also eligible for the grant.
Do I have to speak a foreign language?
The program does not require that you speak a foreign language but it is a desirable qualification, and those who do speak other languages are encouraged to apply.
Do I have to work with a diverse population?
This grant is designed to recruit and support library school students who are comfortable and skilled at working with diverse populations. If you work in San Diego or Imperial counties, IT IS LIKELY THAT YOU ARE ALREADY DOING THIS. A diverse population does not only include ethnic and racial diversity, but the inclusion of all library constituent groups that are currently underserved - including rural dwellers, older adults, children, and the disabled.
Don't see your question answered?
Contact Michelle Donez at (619) 206-2790
For more information please contact Michelle Donez at [email protected] or by calling her at (619) 206-2790.

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Serra Cooperative Library System ims150 (3K)

Serra Cooperative Library System is a network of public, academic, and special libraries in the southern California counties of Imperial and San Diego. Our goal is to help member library agencies provide expanded resources and improved services at reduced costs through systematic interlibrary cooperation. We are a special district of the State of California, with funding primarily from the State, but augmented through member contributions and grants.

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