Our Goal

man at bookshelfOur goal is to create a new pool of qualified local librarians who can fill positions in Serra libraries, thus ensuring that Serra libraries are able to continue providing vital services to the community, including summer reading programs, citizenship preparation programs, computer and internet access, computer tutoring, bookmobiles, homework help, story times for children and other school readiness programs, and adult and family literacy programs. A more diverse group of librarians will create richer programs for all library patrons. Additionally, through a variety of activities that will help achieve our primary goal, we will also impact numerous constituencies in the following ways:

  • Boost participation in the library profession by members of traditionally underserved groups
  • Stimulate interest in becoming a librarian among individuals who already work as paraprofessionals or who attend library technician programs
  • Increase the number of librarians who understand how to meet the needs of diverse communities – with activities that benefit our scholarship recipients, as well as the librarians, staff, and students who attend our workshops or view recorded presentations online
  • Provide MLIS students with a professional network that will champion them throughout their degree program and support them as they embark on their career as a librarian
  • Raise awareness regarding the various pathways available in librarianship and help MLIS students find their path and locate a position after graduation
  • Expand understanding regarding how to address the challenges faced by distance learning students, as well as the types of support library staff needs to transition to professional positions

We seek to make a positive impact not only on our scholarship recipients, but also on all MLIS students in San Diego and Imperial Counties, and on all paraprofessionals who work in Serra libraries. These individuals will be invited to attend our career fair and workshops, which will inspire them to consider a career as a professional librarian, pursue an MLIS degree, and enhance their ability to serve diverse communities. Serra's leaders will work to create an environment that encourages paraprofessionals to transition to a professional role, recruiting a new generation of librarians.

For more information please contact Michelle Donez at [email protected] or by calling her at (619) 206-2790.


Serra Cooperative Library System ims150 (3K)

Serra Cooperative Library System is a network of public, academic, and special libraries in the southern California counties of Imperial and San Diego. Our goal is to help member library agencies provide expanded resources and improved services at reduced costs through systematic interlibrary cooperation. We are a special district of the State of California, with funding primarily from the State, but augmented through member contributions and grants.

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